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Mother Moon Collection-

May this collection inspire us sisters to celebrate one another and the many shades of our shared cycles. May you find romance within the changing tides of womanhood and the cyclical nature of the moon. 

Inspired by our deep affection for intellectual conversations under the night sky, the stars, and our Mother Moon.

 Photo by Taylr Anne   Akmar Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold and a 2mm white Diamond.  Celebrate the month of LOVE by treating yourself or someone you love with a Sterling Silver or Gold adornment.

SISTERHOOD Collection-collaboration vs. competition

This necklace is one of our most beautiful representations of our feminine power. The Sailor Moon necklace is one of the many fine adornments that symbolise the power of us woman here on earth. We invite you to celebrate with us the importance of collaboration over competition and the creative unity between us sisters.

This collection comes from our childhood wonder womens, who taught us the power of sisterhood. The magical abundance of self love and healing behind empowering each other.

made from 9K or 14K yellow Gold and natural Sapphires.
words: natalia colichon 

May our feminine circles continue to pour support and love in this world. I hope you remember that we are all one and we all reflect the divine beauty in one another. No matter our differences, we are all sisters and may you never forget that. Let's be a loving mirror for each other and may we empower strongly enough to bloom as beautifully as flowers do. 

Inspired by the brave, the curious, the beautiful, and the strong flowers childs that believe in the power within them and dance to the rhythm of their own soul.


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