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loca luna:
the moon, her dreams, her magnetic power. 

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Hello, my name is Natalia Colichon and I am the founder of Loca Luna Jewellery. We are an online boutique with fine hand crafted adornments with a flair for elegance, storytelling, and romance.

the brand:

Born under the beams of the third new moon, Loca Luna is a beautiful combination of treasured love and magical moments transformed into delicate momentos. Each fragment of our work is inspired by our love and curiosity for the moon and life's beautiful messes. 

Based from Australia, where all jewellery is hand made to order. All pieces are made from a base of solid 9K/14K Gold, Sterling Silver and Gold Plated. All stones are ethically sourced and conflict-free.


the designer:

I’m an artist swimming in an ocean agitated by our Mother Moon.

I dream, I imagine,I love, and I create.

I am a Latin American designer based in Brisbane, Australia. Blessed with a family of creative talents, I feel like I was born to be a creator of fine beauty. 

I created Loca Luna Jewellery a year after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design. My stubborn curiosity of the unknown led me to roam different corners of the world in which I have collected memories that have flourished into the shapes of delicate adornments. Throughout my explorations, I have studied various techniques and designs that have helped me cultivate a singular style. 

For me, fine jewellery should tell a romantic story, elegant and exceptionally crafted. My goal is for my jewellery to be worn and never taken off. Always reflecting a special place from a particular time in my world wanderings, these pieces have been designed with the receiver in mind. The woman that find they are bound by no place, those that find home is everywhere. The wild romantic woman.

birth sign: cancer
element: water
ruling planet: the moon